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Ideal Founder Series 001
Ethan Lee, Founder & CEO of IoGYM

Feb 24, 2023

IoGYM 是一顆永不停轉的引擎,團隊內的成員們除了專精於重訓健身、飲食科學,在各自專長的領域也都擁有取之不竭的能量。

Ethan說道:「藉由作為曲軸的 IoT,以及作為活塞的 AI,這顆引擎驅動產生各種創新服務,賦予運動更迷人的魅力。」在這顆引擎和諧的運作下, IoGYM 在訓練和紀錄兩種需求的交界處誕生,以 IoT 的概念快速升級現有的健身房及器材,為健身者紀錄每次的訓練。

IoGYM functions as an ever-running engine with the team members not only specialize in weight training and nutrition science, but also possess a very energetic characteristic in their respective fields of expertise. Ethan, CEO of IoGYM said, "By using IoT as the crankshaft and AI as the piston, this engine drives various innovative services, making sports more fascinating."

With the engine operating smoothly, IoGYM was born at the intersection of two demands: training and recording. Applying the concept of IoT, IoGYM quickly upgrades existing gyms and equipment, quantifying each workout session for fitness enthusiasts.


About Founder

Ethan, Founder & CEO of IoGYM

《Why not》

面對困難或挑戰的時候,Why not 是第一時間會浮現在 Ethan 腦中的聲音。

市場上未被解決的需求是誕生的必要條件,但在面對敞開的機會下,需要的是有人勇敢地站出來的,為問題找到最佳解,而正是 Ethan 秉持的 Why not,種下了 IoGYM 的第一顆種子,在引擎永不停轉的努力下,IoGYM 才得以逐漸茁壯。

When faced with difficulties or challenges, "Why not" is the voice that first comes to Ethan's mind. The unmet demand in the market is a necessary condition for the birth of a new idea, but when facing open opportunities, it takes someone to bravely step forward to find the best solution to the problem. It is Ethan's belief in "Why not" that planted the first seed of IoGYM. With the engine's tireless effort, IoGYM has gradually grown stronger.

Q. 請用三個詞形容你自己 / Use three words to describe yourself

A. 非典型、非典型、非典型。

A. Unconventional, unconventional, unconventional.

Q. 如果你沒有開始你的事業,現在的你會在做什麼呢? / If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing? 

A. 這題沒有答案,因為我一定會開始這個事業。

A. There’s no answer to this as I’m 100% going to start this business.

Q. 在創業的過程中,你面對最艱難的挑戰是什麼 ? / What significant challenges have you faced when working on this company?

A. 因為我個人的專業領域不同,所以對最終極的技術理解及確認比較費心。

A. Due to my personal expertise being in a different field, it takes more effort for me to understand and confirm the technology applied into IoGYM.

Q. 如果在創業過程中你可以做一件事情不同的事,那會是什麼? / If you could have done one thing differently while building your startup, what would it be?

A. 為我們公司的下一個產品鋪路或成立一個紀錄每個長輩家傳手藝的YT美食頻道。

A. Pave the way for our company's next product or to create a YouTube food channel that documents the culinary skills passed down in each senior family.

Q. 在創業過程中,你遇到的最大的驚喜或阻礙是什麼,在這過程中你學習到什麼?/ What was the biggest surprise or obstacle you encountered while building your startup and what did you learn? 

A. 認真說,就是經由 Ideal 社群結識到了合作伙伴,完全是對我們難得的意外之喜。


1. 不要放棄攻克最難的問題 2. 廣結善緣 3. 加入 Ideal 社群。

A. Honestly, the biggest surprise for me was meeting business partners through the Ideal community who helped us overcome a difficult challenge. From this experience, I learned three things:

1. Don't give up on tackling the toughest problems, 2. Build good relationships, and 3. Join the Ideal community.

Q. 你會對其他的有野心和熱情的創業家說什麼? / What would you tell aspiring startup founders?

A. 在狂熱的信念下,冷靜清晰的判斷力

A. Maintain rationality under passionate belief.


About IoGYM

Q. IoGYM是誰? /  Who is IoGYM?

A. IoGYM,不視自己為一間公司,而是一顆不停轉的引擎。

精準的市場策略和創意,是我們取之不竭的能源,經過名為 IoT 的曲軸、A.I. 的活塞,這顆引擎驅動產生各種創新服務,賦予運動更迷人的魅力。 

IoGYM ,主以 IoT 的概念快速升級現有的健身房及器材,為健身者紀錄每次的訓練。

如此做的原因,除了提升訓練的功效,我們更放眼層次豐富的延伸應用 - 無論是體驗或商業面。


A. IoGYM doesn’t see itself as a company, but as an engine that never stops spinning. Precise market strategy and creativity are our energy sources, and with the crankshaft named IoT and the piston named A.I., this engine drives various innovative services, making sports more fascinating.

IoGYM applies the concept of IoT to quickly upgrade existing gyms and equipment, quantifying each workout session for fitness enthusiasts. The reason behind this is not only to improve the effectiveness of training, but also to look towards diverse applications, whether in terms of experience or business opportunities.

The era of exercising is around the corner, and consumer trends are shifting towards the experience economy. We are now on the right path that leads to the combination of these two different regions.

Q. 用幾句話說明你的公司還有你要解決的問題 / What is your company and problems you are addressing in a few sentences?

A. 許多熱門個人運動項目,皆有完善的紀錄數位服務供運動者掌握自身的訓練狀況及運動表現,比如:路跑用的 NIKE RUN CLUB、和自行車用的 STRAVA,但身為最具精密科學性之一的重訓健身,卻沒有相關的服務。

IoGYM 系統的核心任務即為解決此問題,可快速升級健身房內的所有器材,將其轉化成重訓物聯網,紀錄健身者的訓練數據。

A. Many popular individual sports have comprehensive digital recording services available for athletes to track their training progress and performance, such as NIKE RUN CLUB for running and STRAVA for cycling. However, weight training and fitness, one of the most precise and scientific sports, lacks relevant services.

The core mission of the IoGYM system is to solve this problem by quickly upgrading all the equipment in the gym and transforming it into a weight training Internet of Things, recording the training data of fitness enthusiasts.

Q. 用簡單的句子形容,你能為誰提供什麼服務 / 產品? / In a few sentences, what do you offer and to whom? 

A. 提供健身房快速智慧升級的方案,讓其提供更好的服務,增加會員數及維護會員關係。

A. Provide a quick and smart upgrade solution for gyms to enhance their services, increase membership numbers, and maintain member relationships.

Q. 為什麼現在是你的公司存在的時間點? / Why is now the time for your company to exist?

A. 原本健身市場在全球便呈現快速成長,而現在疫情過後,人們也開始湧回健身房,甚至因為後續引起的健康意識,讓更多人走進健身房。

A. The fitness market was already experiencing rapid growth worldwide, and now, after the pandemic, people are starting to return to gyms, and even more people are coming to gyms due to an increase in health awareness.

Q. 和我們分享目前為止,關於你的產品 / 服務受市場歡迎的吸引力是什麼 ? / What’s most exciting about your traction to date?

A. 讓健身房用極小投入達到最大化數位升級,滿足甚至超越他們會員的服務期待。

A. To enable gyms to achieve maximum digital upgrade with minimal investment, and to meet and even exceed their members' service expectations.

Q. 你認為在明年你的成長里程碑會是什麼 ? / Where do you think your growth and milestones will be next year? (Short term)

A. 展開和健身房品牌合作的 IoGYM 旗艦健身房。

A. The goal would be to set up an IoGYM flagship gym that collaborates with fitness brands to provide a brand new digital management solution, achieve maximum digital upgrade, enhance member experience, and increase brand visibility and attractiveness.

Q. 目前你的公司正在尋找什麼? (例如:資金、新市場擴張、人才?) / What would be the 3 things that your company is looking for now? (e.g. Funding, new market expansion, new hires?)

A. IoGYM 目前正在尋找產品開發伙伴,無論是 Inhouse 或外部的專案合作都可以。

A. IoGYM is currently looking for product development partners, whether it's in-house or external project collaborations.

Q. 你是怎麼衡量你的成功? 你衡量的標準是什麼? / At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?

A. 當我可以改變重訓這項運動的體驗模式的時候,重訓可以被「 團體化及遊戲化 」

A. When we can change the experience of weight training. Weight training could be "grouped and gamified," and that’s where we are heading.


Meet The Team

Q. 你有團隊嗎? 請介紹一下團隊成員,以及你是如何找到他們並且建立現在的團隊? / Do you have a team? If yes, who are they, and how did you go about building your team?


🔧技術長:黃峻崢 Jouston,物聯網大師 x 汽修狂熱份子 x 真・美食達人,經由介紹認識。

🏃🏼‍♀️產品經理:李律庭 Eidika,心理學專家 x 三鐵得牌選手 x 意志力神人,104 連結。



CTO Jouson Huang, an IoT master / automobile repair enthusiast /  true foodie. We met through a mutual friend.

PM Eidika Lee, an phycologist / triathlon master / mind strength builder. I got to know her through 104.

We build our team based on common belief to the future and to trust the team with our heart.

Q. 和我們分享你喜歡你團隊的什麼部分?為什麼你們會是解決目前遇見問題的最佳選擇?/ What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?

A. 雖然目前只是 3 人小團隊,但每人的專長分工完整,對重訓也都十分了解,重點是對產品有熱情和信心。

但最棒的是 - 我們都愛喝鹹豆漿

A. Although we are only a small team of three, each of us has a complete division of labor and expertise in weight training. Most importantly, we are passionate and confident about our product. 

Still, the best part is - we all love to drink savory soy milk.


Special Question

Q. 你會如何和其他新創公司的創辦人分享你的經驗和感想,關於成為理想Ideal 社群中的一員? / What would you tell other startup founders about being part of the Ideal community and your experience here?

A. 我們非常幸運成為 Ideal 社群的一員,這裡的所有成員都非常熱情,對團隊相當照顧。資源也相當豐富,我們確實藉此找到重要的技術合作伙伴,對我們的商業佈局有非常大的幫助

A. We are very fortunate to be a part of the Ideal community. All members here are extremely passionate and take good care of the team. The resources are also quite abundant, and we were able to find important technology partners through this community, which has been very helpful for our product development.

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